What to Expect

What To Expect

helloWe want church to be a positive experience for everyone. So, we want you to know exactly what you can expect when you come. From the parking lot and back again, here you go…

Upon entering, you will meet a greeter who will shake your hand and give you a bulletin. If you have children, the greeter will show you where our nursery and children’s ministries are held. With bulletin in hand, feel free to grab a drink and/or one of the snacks by the door.

As you enter our worship hall, go ahead and sit wherever you like. Our service begins at 10:30am. Once the first song is completed, we have a greeting time in which many of our attendees will get up and shake hands with those around them. We hope you receive a warm welcome and see that we are a family through and through. When the greeting is over, we do announcements. During this time, if you are a first time visitor, we will ask you to raise your hand and receive a welcome packet. Please take time to fill out the card and drop it in the offering plate or hand it to a pastor. The offering happens after announcements.

After these, we continue to worship the Lord in song. We value and respect various styles of personal worship from clapping and raising hands to quietly reflecting in your chair. Our goal is simply that you have a personal encounter with the Lord. To conclude our singing, we have a corporate prayer time in which anyone with a need, prayer request, or praise may come forward and we pray as a body of believers. We continue with a 30-45 minute sermon, a final song, and a closing prayer. On your way out, one or both of the pastors will greet you and thank you for coming.

If you would like to know more about our PASTORS please click here.