Our Pastor

Senior Pastor Jim Cutter

Missouri, England, and Japan are just a few places life has taken Pastor Jim. Although having lived all over the world as an Air Force Chaplain, he is a died in the wool Washingtonian. Born in Bremerton and raised in Everett, he brings a Northwest mindset to everything he does. Through it all he has been joined by his wife Susan, three grown daughters, 7 grandchildren and 3 foster grandchildren.

Both Jim and Susan love to travel and explore new areas, especially if they can combine their travels with visiting family or friends. His interests include Amateur Radio, playing guitar, reading multiple genres, and just about any outdoor activity (fishing, boating, hiking, bicycling, etc.). He has a Private Pilot license and spends many hours playing Microsoft Flight Simulator as a way to take the edge off of his flying addiction. Favorite sports teams include the San Antonio Spurs and the Seattle Seahawks.